Is Raw Honey a Super Food?

Raw honey is among the world’s super health foods. It comprises all the B-complex vitamins, protein-building amino acids, and vitamins C, D, and E. Additionally; it contains ample amounts of plant pigments, proteins, and healthful acids such as citric acid. Together with simple sugars such as glucose that go right into the bloodstream, raw honey also has beneficial enzymes such as diastase, insulate, and invertase to assist digestion and the assimilation of minerals and vitamins to the body’s cells. All these things make honey an excellent blood builder when used frequently. The combination of all enzymes, acids, and vitamins found in the raw product soothes the whole digestive tract, absorbs easily, and keeps bacteria out. Honey also keeps the body everyday due to its lubricating abilities.

Research done by scientists in New Zealand analyzed the effect of honey on stomach ulcers, finding that using honey ceased bacteria from growing within three days. Honey is often advised to people with gall bladder difficulties, heartburn, and duodenal and gastric ulcers. Raw honey has been used by allergists to deal with patients and relieve allergy symptoms. By some estimates, it might effectively treat up to 90 percent of all allergy issues. It works as it contains traces of this dust, molds, and pollens that cause allergies. By taking the raw, clear honey, the individual is building immunity to all those items.

Raw honey

Another excellent use for raw honey is dressing wounds. It has antimicrobial properties that block the growth of bacteria. Clinical observations tell us it can clear infection, swelling and pain, and reduce scarring. Additionally, it reduces any odor associated with recovery when hastening the process of skin repairing itself to buy raw honey online. Another bonus is that honey does not further damage cells, but actually promotes recovery through the nutrient impact and the drawing from lymph into the cells through osmosis. The therapeutic properties are now so famous that authorities approved wound gels containing raw honey are used by medical professionals. It has been shown effective w hen combating drug resistant MRSA staph infections.

A Good Rule of Thumb

When you have kicked the sugar Habit – or at least have better control of it, add raw honey gently. Start with only a couple tablespoons in the morning. Spread it on some sprouted grain bread; stir some in your coffee or tea. Have another tablespoon before bed. When taken at night raw honey really helps degree off the blood sugar levels! This is what one specialist and writer says about the safe amount to eat: